Don’t You Remember Questions/Comments POST!

Have any questions for me about Don’t You Remember?

After posting Ch 11/12 last night I’ve been getting a LOT of feedback so I thought I’d start this post.

Wondering why something happened?

Questions about Edward and Jacob?

Want to punch Mike?

What about Bella?

Love that Edward calls her Isabella?

LET ME KNOW! 🙂 I want to hear what you have to say!

Feel free to ask me questions I’ll answer them the best I can. Or if you want to just make an observation or leave a comment for others, knock yourself out.

If there’s something that I can’t talk about yet I’ll let you know. 



10 thoughts on “Don’t You Remember Questions/Comments POST!

  1. It’s been so long, and you haven’t updated it 😦
    I was just getting so into it too, I really hope you post the rest soon, I’m loving this soooo much right now. 😀

  2. I agree with Alisson, Mike is a big prick. I wish Edward has some kind of proof to show Bella that he’s cheating on her dammit. Love you <3333

    • Thank you for commenting Em! 🙂 Gah you guys are awesome. I know, I feel that Edward couldnt just come out and say it to her because then it would have made it look like he was trying to overshadow what he needed to say? You know? He NEEDED to tell her about why he left and he didn’t want Mike to influence it all.
      Love youuu ❤

      • i hope edward tells bella soon though that mike is such an asshole. like that needs to be the next thing he tells her. lol

  3. Okay it’s safe to say i feel bad for Bella, her fiance is a complete & utter asshole! & Mike needs to die. Love youu<3

    • Awww Thank you for being the first to write 🙂 I appreciate it! I feel bad for Bella as well.. shes been through so much. Mike is horrible. I kind of love him in this an asshole..if that makes sense? Its nice to see this side of him. Love you too girll ❤

      • lmao i love mike as asshole too. you do such a great job at writing him. he is def the biggest asshole ever and thats a compliment to you mallory. lol

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