Chocolate and Ice Cream

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A/N: This lemon is kind of the “sequel” to my previous O/S from Chapter 70. You don’t need to read it before reading this. Thank you to DCM for having me back! Thanks to NJSilla&Corinnakt&Mysty1234&Melmo2632. Also forever thanking Stinepiigen for making me LOVE to write foodsex.


I hate this feeling. That nervous, nothing I do will be right tonight, feeling. I’ve tried on at least six different outfits and hated them all. Why? I have no idea. It’s definitely not because of lack of clothes, I have a ton. Nothing seems to fit correctly though, or look right. One dress seemed to fancy, the other was too beachy. Then I had on something too casual, something too conservative, something I’d wear to work, something I’d wear to relax around the house. I can’t seem to find that one thing that just makes me feel pretty. Like I’m not trying too hard, which I obviously am.

He probably won’t even notice either way, this is a casual date. He’s invited me over for dinner, nothing too intense, nothing over the top. Right? I should be able to pick something out.

I really thought that meeting Edward at a club last weekend was just luck. He wouldn’t want more from me, it was just a one night stand. I was mentally prepared for that, ready to take whatever awkward situations would come out of it because usually guys don’t want more than that.

Usually did not apply to this situation though.

He wanted more.

I kept asking myself, what guy wants more after a one night stand? Apparently Edward.

I hadn’t stopped thinking about that night since then. I couldn’t stop thinking of his mouth on mine, on my skin, the way his hands felt grabbing me, the way his dick felt inside me. It made my body heart up at the thought of doing it again, being with him like that again.

It was taking over my mind, memories of that night flashing into my head all week, in the most inappropriate times. I’d be at work and have the thought of his tongue dragging across my skin pop into my mind, making my entire body heat up and my skin blush. I wouldn’t doubt it if people knew what I was thinking about, my lip would usually be caught up in my teeth and my legs would cross immediately, trying to create friction.

I’ve been a mess.

When he called to say that he wanted to have me over for dinner the first thing that came to my mind wasn’t what he was cooking or that he wanted more, it was sex. I just wanted to fuck him again. Badly.

Then once my mind had stopped thinking of only dirty things, I realized that this could be good. He wanted to have me over his house, he wanted to get to know me, he had said so on the phone. That was more than other guys I had dated had said to me. That had to mean something, right?

I loved his voice. It was soft and smooth, it coated my body, flowed into my ears. I loved it. I wanted to hear the sounds he made when he was buried inside me.

There I go again.

Part of me wondered if anything would happen tonight? Would he ask me to do things again? That was hot. Though, I would also be okay if he took control.

No. Stop Bella. I don’t even care at this point. I’m just going to go with it. Go with whatever the night brings.

My mind has never been so focused on sex in my entire life, let alone sex with a man I’ve only been with once. He would think I’m some sex crazed insane person and run away from me if he ever knew this is what I’ve been thinking.

I decide on a black tank top and dark skinny jeans. It’s stupid how the simplest outfit makes me the happiest. All those clothes I tried on I leave on the floor. I should have just tried this on first. Throwing on sneakers and a jacket I head out the door, wanting to get there as soon as possible and wanting to hide at the same time.

I’m a basket-case.

I pull up in front of his apartment building and the nerves start flooding through me. I can do this. It’s just Edward. That doesn’t help.

Getting out of the car I walk up to his door, ringing the buzzer and waiting for his voice to answer.

“Bella?” Yes. Fuck me, now. Stop it, Bella. Focus.

“Yes, its me!” Please let my voice not sound as squeaky as I thought it did.


“I made you dessert, are you still hungry?” I was watching his lips as he spoke, memorized by them. What had he just said? Focus, Bella.

Dinner has been difficult. He keeps asking me questions about myself, my work, my family. He wants to know everything. I’ve answered everything the best I can, trying to make my life seem interesting. He seemed so intrigued in what I have to say, its refreshing in a way.

Yet all I’ve been able to think about is pulling his shirt off him and fucking him in the chair he’s sitting in.

“Yes, dessert sounds great.” I mumble, trying to compose myself. He gets up from the table and walks out into the kitchen.

I uncross my legs and take a deep breath. He shouldn’t be affecting me this much. I really thought that once I got here I would be fine. I would realize that I can’t just whore myself out to him, if he wants me, he can have me. If not, I’m good with that too. I can do either. I should be fine.

I’m not though, I want him. I want him to take me across this table, over that chair, on the floor. Anywhere. I just crave him kissing me, licking me, tasting me and he has yet to do that.

I need him.

Maybe I should just take the reins this time?

Demand what I want.

Make him fuck me.


Walking into the kitchen I open the fridge and stare into it. My mind is racing with thoughts of Bella. I need to focus. Being around her makes me crazy. That thin tank top and those tight skinny jeans are killing me. I want to rip them off her, see the milky skin beneath them, feel our bodies pressed together. I wanted to kiss her, taste her, slide myself into her. I want to take her. Consume her.


I’m trying to be a gentleman. I want her to know that I want her for more than her body. I don’t want her to think that last weekend is normal for me, that I do that a lot. I don’t. I have a few times, I’ll admit, but I never found someone like her. Someone who is shy and demanding, quiet and loud, tiny and bold. Everything about her draws me in.

Which is why I need to be a gentlemen. I’ve barely touched her tonight, except for her hand, arm and shoulder. Never hovering for too long, its becoming increasingly difficult. I’ve been polite but it’s not forced, I’m genuinely interested in her and everything she has to say. I haven’t taken my eyes off her deep brown ones, I am fully intrigued. I can’t stop asking her questions, finding more out about her. She’s addicting.

Focusing back on the fridge I grab the cherry pie that I had made earlier along with vanilla ice cream and chocolate sauce. It’s one of my favorite desserts. I put the pie and ice cream on the counter before putting the chocolate sauce in the microwave for a few seconds. Grabbing plates and silverware I turn around to find her only inches away from me. Her eyes were focused on my lips as I smile at her.

“What are you doing? I would have brought dessert to you.” I say to her, my eyes now focused on her small pink lips. I place the dishes and silverware on the counter behind her, never leaving her eyes.

“I couldn’t wait any longer.” She mumbles and without warning her lips are pressed to mine, making me wonder if she had been talking about the dessert or me.

Her arms snake around my neck, pulling my face closer to hers. Our lips move together, rubbing against each other. Hers are warm and soft as they caress mine. I let her take the lead on this one, seeing how far she’ll go. I try to keep my hands at my sides, not trusting myself. I don’t want to take her kissing the wrong way and think that she wanted to fuck me again, but god did I want to fuck her again. I loved how she felt wrapped around my dick.

“Edward,” she groans into my mouth as I feel her push her hips into me. She wants more, I want more.

“Can I?” I don’t even really know what I am asking but she seemed to understand immediately. I see her head shake, yes, as I move my hands to her ass, quickly lifting her up onto the counter. I hear her shoulders hit the cabinet and a low moan escape her lips.

“I need you.” Her words go straight to my dick. She adjusts herself so that she’s pressing her pussy against my dick through our jeans. Its friction but I want more.

My mouth finds hers again and we’re frantic. It feels like I haven’t kissed her in years, not days. I can’t get enough as my tongue slides against hers, my hands around her waist keeping her against me.

I pull away from her lips and make my way down her neck, sucking and nibbling. “If I wanted to take off your pants, would you let me?”

“Yes.” She groans as her head falls back against the cabinet again.

I reach down to unbutton them, anxious to see the soft skin beneath. I see her grab her shirt, I put my hand over hers, “Slow down.” I whisper to her, I don’t want to rush this. I want to enjoy every single minute I have with her.

“Let’s get these off of you.” Pulling her pants off I see blue silk panties, small enough to be a thong. I tried to contain the growl that rises within me. She is so fucking sexy. I wonder if she knew what she is doing to me.

Leaning down I start to kiss around her thighs, moving in towards her center just enough to tease, before going back. I can feel the heat radiating from her pussy as I move back and forth, I feel her squirming as my tongue tastes her skin. I really want to just rip the blue piece of fabric separating me from her right off her body, but I resist. She tries to separate her legs, push me towards what she wants. Instead of giving in, I put my hands against her thighs to keep them together. After a few more traces, back and forth, I finally ask her, “What do you want me to do to you?”

“Kiss me, there.” Her hands travel down her stomach and point to her pussy.

I carefully trace my fingers up further, grabbing onto the blue silk and pulling it down slowly. She lifts her hips to make it easier, giving me a clear view of what I want. I throw her panties on the floor, my eyes never leaving her body. She leaves her legs spread open slightly as I slide my tongue along her leg and stop inches away from my destination. I look up into her eyes, they’re wide and dark, she is urging me to continue. I lick one long stroke from bottom to top without warning. She gasps and her head drops back to the counter. I hear her breathing hitch as I do it again.

Stopping to change my position I look over at the ice cream and pie on the counter. I should move it because we aren’t paying attention with one flick of her arm or kick of her leg it will go all over us.

It would get all over us.

It would be sticky, cold and hot.

It would be sweet and creamy.

I wanted it all over her.

I wanted to lick it off her.

I had chocolate sauce in the microwave still.

Hot chocolate sauce.



Just like her.

I want it on her.

I want to lick it off her.

I pull away from her and open the microwave, pulling it out with my bare hands. It’s just hot enough that it doesn’t hurt to touch. Perfect.

I grab a spoonful of chocolate and look back at her. She had found a way to lay down on the counter, placing her head in the two feet between the counter and the cabinets. Her tank top is bunched up towards her bra and her long legs are draped over the edge of the counter.

I move back in between her legs and start to drip the chocolate onto her skin, starting with her stomach.

Her brown eyes fly open and she squeals at the feeling, not realizing what I had done. When she looks at me and my eyes are down on her flat stomach covered in chocolate I hear her moan.

Moving my eyes up to meet her, I see they are hooded with want, and I knew mine reflected the same thing. I lean down slowly until I’m an inch above her stomach. I can smell the chocolate on her, feel the heat from her body mixed with the heat from the sauce.

I want to taste it.

Those chocolate brown eyes are watching me, waiting for me to taste her.

Slipping my tongue out of my mouth I flick it against her skin and catch some of the chocolate. Her back arches against the counter, begging me to keep going. Her eyes close as I lick again, moans and gasps falling from her lips.

I notice that chocolate had made its way down to her hips and I move my mouth there, cleaning her up, licking and sucking.

When I lick the last bit of chocolate off her I back up, already thinking about my next move. She immediately opens her eyes, questioning my actions.

“If I ask you to try something else would you say yes?”

“Yes.” She breathes.

I bend down and kiss around her bare pussy. I can smell her arousal and it makes me harder. I feel her move her hips towards my mouth, trying to get more out of me. I won’t give it.

I lean across the counter, pushing my spoon into the ice cream before bringing my arm back over to her and holding it over her stomach, letting some drip down. She shivers and let out a small scream as it melts on her skin. I put the spoon in my mouth, sucking up the rest of the ice cream as I watched her squirm.

I bent down, keeping the ice cream on my tongue before swallowing it, and drag my tongue along her pussy. My tongue is freezing now and she jolts on the counter, her hips rising and her legs kicking. The wetness she provides mixes on my tongue, hot and cold. The cold sensations must have hit her hard, her sounds growing louder, as I keep licking around until I feel my tongue warm up from her.

Licking my way up I clean off her stomach where the ice cream had dripped. No matter what I do, her body can not stay still. She keeps shaking, twitching, kicking, pulling and arching off the counter.

Pulling her feet onto the counter I slide my spoon back into the ice cream I grab a bigger spoonful. Hovering it over her pussy I let the ice cream fall off and onto her. She shivers and I move my mouth down to start licking around her clit.

The ice cream slowly drips down, cold and creamy. I feel her body tensing and relaxing at every flick of my tongue. She’s hot and sticky, sweet and tangy. She keeps telling me more, harder, faster. I obey. The mixture of hot and cold, ice cream and her juices, its making it almost impossible to not fuck her right now. I feel her hands in my hair, pulling me closer, wanting me deeper. I keep my tongue rotating on her clit and begin pumping my fingers inside of her. Starting with one and adding two more when she begged me.

I feel her explode around my fingers, constricting them inside her. I keep going, making her ride out the entire orgasm before pulling out of her and crawling up her body, kissing her hard on the lips. Her breathing is still heavy as I start to kiss her jaw, ears, neck, collarbone. Her heartbeat pounding in her chest.

Continuing further I pause at her chest, she is wearing a deep blue silk bra under that tank top. Holy fuck. I start kissing around the swell of her breast that spilled out of the silk. When I lifted my lips from her skin she lets out a breath of frustration.

“May I?” I ask, keeping my hands on the bottom hem of her shirt.

“Now.” She demands, using her own hands to pull it off. She gets stuck as she tries to lift her arms over her head, since she is in such a small space. I help her, holding back a laugh at her frustration. She wants her clothes off as quickly as possible and I didn’t want to complain.

Seeing her fully exposed for me, on my kitchen counter, is exquisite. I wanted her there every single day, waiting for me when I got home. I wanted to be able to see her on every single surface of my house, laid out for me like this. I wanted her to be mine. I didn’t want anyone else to touch her.

Whoa, where is this possessive side coming from?

I couldn’t wait any longer as I hurriedly pulled my pants off, my dick already hard from licking her.

“Do not ask to fuck me, Edward. Just do it.” Her voice is rough and raspy. I’m taken back by her words, she didn’t want me to ask. She wanted me to take control. She wanted me to fuck her.

“It would be my pleasure, Bella.”

I shove into her without warning, her eyes squeezing shut as I stretch her. I put my hands behind her knees, pulling her to me, making sure she wouldn’t hit her head. She is so fucking tight and wet. I could feel the sticky ice cream against my stomach as I leaned forward, pushing myself further inside.

Her sounds motivate me, keep me going. She loves it hard, she wants me to go as fast as I can. She really is the tiger in bed that I had hoped for. I love that she is so vocal, so strong. I love that she told me what she wanted. I love how she pushes her hips to meet mine with every thrust.

I keep going deeper into her, my legs hitting the cabinets below her. She is writhing under me, moaning loudly and grabbing at my chest, dragging her nails over me. I pound into her harder and harder. Wanting to get deeper into her, bury myself inside her. I wanted to make sure she can feel me, all of me.

I wanted her body to recognize me, remember what I could do.

I want her to want me, all the time.

“You want it harder?” I speak through my own grunts and groans.

She screams “Yes!” in response.

“Come on, baby.” I growl at her and start rotating my hips as I push deeper.

“I’m so close.” My words came out muffled as I leaned against her body, my face on her chest. I felt her hands in my hair and she pulled, hard. I fell over the cliff, my body shaking, a numbness taking over. I feel myself spilling inside her, filling her further. As I fell it must have triggered another orgasm for her because I could feel her convulsing again.


Slipping out of her is messy mix of ice cream and cum. I hear her laugh before she covers her mouth, her eyes smiling.

“What? No laughing, you enjoyed that.”

“I did. A lot.” She hops off the counter and grabs a towel to clean herself off.

“Well now that I’ve had you for dessert, what would you like?” I ask, pulling my boxers back on as she pulls her blue silk thong on as well.

“What about some cherry pie?”

A/N: Hope you enjoyed my lemon full of food.

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