If I Ask

This O/S was done for the SQUEEZE MY LEMON blog . You can find the FFnet site for this lemon here.

A/N Thank you to DCM for letting me be included in this lemonade O/S collection of amazingness.

~ If I Ask ~

Alice and I walk into the club just before nine. Rosalie is having her twenty fourth birthday here and she told us we’re not to be late. Rose can be very mean when things aren’t done her way. Alice didn’t want to take any chances in upsetting her so now we’re over an hour early. I hate being early to clubs. The creepy people are always here, waiting to watch all the girls arrive. When you come later, the party is already established and you can hang back and do as you wish. Oh well.

We sit down at the bar to get drinks and within the hour we spend waiting there are only a few men daring enough to talk to us. They’re older, lonely and obviously can’t detect our stay away vibes. We’re not interested. I’m enjoying the single life at twenty three; I don’t want to be connected to anyone right now. I had a boyfriend all through high school, then all through college. I’m not the one night stand type but I have my ways of getting what I need.

Alice on the other hand has Jasper and she can’t even think about anyone else. She is in love with him, in love with being in love and can never see her life differently. I’m happy for her, I don’t think I could see her doing anything else either.

When Rose finally shows up there’s probably thirty people here for her. More drinks are poured and I’m getting very tipsy.

“Come dance with us!” Rose and Alice are standing next to me with their arms latched together.

“You guys go ahead, I’ll come dance in a little.” I really don’t feel like dancing right now. Sitting here watching everyone seems like a better idea. I’m feeling pretty buzzed and since my coordination while sober is pretty bad, I don’t want to test it now.

“Bella! Come now!” Rose demands. She’s too drunk for it to sound as bitchy as she wanted.

“I just ordered a drink, let me finish it first.” I lied. Whatever. I just didn’t want to dance yet, the second they went back to the dance floor I would order one and then the conversation would be over. Luckily they believed me and walked towards the cluster of people pushing their bodies together.

Before I could even turn back around to the bar I felt someone standing very close to me. They were probably just ordering something and didn’t have another place to stand.

I flipped around the opposite way and still felt my back graze against their arm. It was a man, his arms were muscular. I couldn’t help myself and I glanced up at him. I instantly wished I had not. He was looking directly at me, green eyes piercing into me. “Can I buy you a drink?”

I wasn’t expecting him to talk to me, his voice is rough and yet silky. It’s one of those voices you imagine the man in your fantasies having. My mind flashed to being naked with him, tangled up in sheets. No. Bella, no. It doesn’t matter how sexy he is, he wants to buy me a drink? Such a cliché line for this man.

“Really? That’s the line you’re going with?” I’m sure he could have any girl he wanted without even using a line so why was he bothering?

“Yeah, that was bad wasn’t it?” He broke eye contact and smiled to himself. It was adorable.


“Can I try again?” Green eyes back to mine. Putting me in a trance. Stay strong, Bella.

“I don’t know.”

“You don’t know?”

“Well, I mean you’re cute and all but..” I don’t know why I’m teasing him like this. I don’t usually do this, ever. There’s something about him though, I want to test him, I want to see how far he will go.

“I’m cute and all? Wow. You’re bruising my ego.”

“If I were to give you another chance, what would you do with it?” I say as I fiddle with a ring on my right hand. This flirting is getting beyond a place I’ve ever been. I don’t know what I’m doing, words just keep coming out.

“I don’t know, you don’t seem to be the easily impressed type.”

“I’m not. What type do you think I am?” As I ask him this question his eyes flash with amusement. I know I’ve opened a can of worms but I can’t seem to resist him.

“You look shy and yet you’re in here wearing that outfit.” He paused. I had on a black dress, that was a lot shorter than I was used to, and heels. Definitely not my every day wear. I was hanging on his every word. I hated that. I can’t resist some guy in a club, what the hell Bella? “Though, you probably have your nose in books most of the day and your mind probably analyzes every situation to death. Am I close?”

“No.” It slightly bothered me how close he was to the truth but at the same time I was impressed.

“Sure. ” His voice is full of sarcasm. A smile spreads on his face as he continues to hold eye contact with me. I can’t look away. His eyes are hypnotizing, so very green. I take a deep breath to calm myself and it doesn’t help. The smell of him invades my senses and takes over. He smells like musk and cigarettes with a hint of sweetness at the end. It makes me want to lick him. I feel him move closer to me and I begin to freak out. What is he doing?

If he kisses me will I let him?

Yes, why wouldn’t you, he’s beautiful.

I don’t know him though.

Who cares.

I close my eyes, waiting for whatever will come. Please kiss me.

I feel his cheek graze against mine before his whispered words hit me.

“The thing I can’t seem to determine is whether you’d be timid and shy in bed or dominant and bossy. I like to think I’d prefer either on you.” I felt the blush travel from my chest up my neck and to my face. My breath caught in my throat. Holy fuck.

What do I even say to that? I don’t know what to do. He pulls back to look at me. I sit there, my breathing is getting increasingly heavier the longer he stares at me.

“If I ask you to dance, will you turn me down?” His voice is low.


“Then would you like to dance with me,” He pauses, waiting for me to tell him my name.

“Bella.” I respond slowly. I was still caught up in his whispered words that I couldn’t seem to focus. I must have nodded as well because I felt his hand wrap around my waist. Heat immediately shot though my body at the contact.

“Nice to meet you Bella, I’m Edward.” Edward. I hopped off the stool and let him guide me. My mind could not focus on walking, only on his hand. He was a lot taller than me, slightly muscular and powerful. Very beautiful. He brought us to the dance floor and instead of facing me away from him, turned me towards him. He pulled me in by my waist and began swaying and moving to the music.

It felt so intimate, usually when you danced with someone it wasn’t like this. I could feel his hands on me, his body almost fully pressed against mine. I have my hands draped around his neck. I want to pull them through his hair, it’s in a mess on top of his head. I resist though, thinking that might be too forward. And weird. My boobs barely graze his chest with every move, I want to press myself against him completely. As I am analyzing our dancing I see him lean his face in towards mine and move his mouth close to my ear.

“You’re a very good dancer.”

“That’s not true.” I had no idea what I was doing right now, I couldn’t focus on dancing because he was so close to me. My entire body was on fire. I was probably as limp as a noodle at this point. Putty in his hands.

“Well, I think we’re moving together quite nicely. Don’t you?” He asks and his hands tighten around me. I am getting so turned on by all of his. He brings his leg closer to me, pressing it between my legs so he can guide me. The friction its causing is only adding to my arousal from this man. I hoped that he couldn’t tell just how wet I was.

“Yes.” I answer breathlessly. He must know what he’s doing to me.

The rest of the song we dance and he keeps his head next to mine, his arms wrapped around me and our bodies almost pressed together completely. My arms stay wrapped around his neck, hands locked together to prevent myself from touching him. I don’t know why because he obviously has no problem touching me.

“If I asked you to come back to my place would you say yes? It’s not far from here, I’ll bring you home whenever you ask me to.” I froze. He seemed nervous. He asked me to go back with him but then hesitated and added that he’d bring me home whenever I wanted. It was as if he wanted me to know I had an out, that he wasn’t trying to be an asshole.

The thing is, he didn’t need to say that because I would have said yes either way. I was about to explode from dancing with this man, the thought of being alone with him had many possibilities running though my head.

The problem was that I didn’t know him. I had no idea who he was or anything. I never actually did this kind of thing, just thought about it. This was going to be a one night stand, right? A lot of people had those, I could do that. He wasn’t a creepy man from the club, he was Edward from the club. My reasoning is obviously being blurred by the alcohol.

“You don’t have to, I didn’t mean to-”

“Yes.” I answered him not even comprehending his backtracking.


“Edward, let’s go.” I loved saying his name. He must have loved it too because he back away from me and grabbed my hand, wanting to pull me out of the club right away.

“Oh! Hold on, I just need to say bye to my friends!” I had completely forgotten about Rose and Alice. Edward had consumed my mind and continued to hold my hand as I turned around to look for them only to see them both staring at me. They have huge smiles on their face. Alice is giving me the thumbs up and Rose is winking and making a gesture to get out of here. That was easier than I thought. Looking back at Edward and our hands clasped together I feel butterflies forming my stomach.

“I’m ready.” I try to sound convincing as he leads me out of the club.

“I only live a couple blocks from here, do you mind if we walk?” He asks as we get outside into the cool night. I shake my head no because there was no way I could speak right now. I was heading out into the night with a beautiful man who both intimidated me and made me want to jump him right here. I was walking into very unfamiliar territory and my nerves were taking over. I had hoped the alcohol would cloud them but it’s not working.

The outside air is sobering me up and I’m thankful for it. I can’t seem to focus on anything but the fact that his hand is so much larger than mine, and so very warm. We walk in silence but it’s by choice. It’s not awkward or tense, it’s relaxed and easy.

I get nervous as we walk up the steps to his apartment. This is happening, this is real.

I am furiously trying to calm myself down as he unlocks the door to his apartment. We walked inside and it’s just as I pictured it would be, simple. There are different tans and cream colors throughout with black wood furniture strategically placed.

He leaves me in the living room saying he was going to go get us drinks. He’s nervous and now I know it from the way his voice shook slightly as he left. That makes me feel a little better.

“Is red wine okay?” He asks as he walks back in holding to glasses half filled with the dark red wine.

“Yes, perfect.” I take a small sip knowing that if I drink this I will be incredibly drunk. I place it down on the coffee table and turn around to him standing inches away from me.

“Can I?” He asks without really saying what he wants to do. I nod and keep my eyes on his emerald ones as long as I can before he dips his head down to my neck.

His lips slid across my collarbone, his hot breath tickling me. I can hear my breathing getting heavier, I hated how it betrayed just how turned on I was. He placed soft kisses as he moved, using just enough pressure for me to feel it but I craved more. He was incredibly good at this, I had to admit. There was a part of me that wanted him to be forceful and rough with me. I wanted to feel him shove me against a wall or throw me onto the bed. I wanted him to consume me. I felt his teeth graze my shoulder and I moaned. Before I could think about how embarrassing it was I heard a low growl fall from his lips. He must be enjoying this just as much as me.

His lips made their way up higher and the kisses got deeper and wetter. He dragged his tongue along my jaw and I shivered at the contact. I wanted to kiss him, feel his warm breath mingle with mine. I had never been aroused this much by kissing before; I could feel the wetness soaking my lace thong.

“If I ask to bring you to my bed will you say yes?” I love how he always asks me if he can do things.

“Please.” I need him to touch me, I need his hands on me, inside me. Before I can move to get up he picks me up and carries me to his room, laying me down on his bed. Its dark except for one light beside his bed that he turns on.

He sat down beside me and began dragging his fingers across my stomach. I relax at his touch. I feel his hands traveling lower and then he stops. “Can I?”

He immediately put his fingers over my thong dragging up and down .

“You’re soaked.” He growls at me. He pulled my dress up slightly and gazed down at my black lace thong. His tongue poked out to lick his full lips. Instead of continuing to tease me he grabbed my thong and pulled it down my legs and threw it onto the floor. One of his fingers moved towards my center and began dragging up and down once again. I shuddered at the contact.

“So wet, so beautiful.” He whispered to himself. As he stroked down he slid his finger inside of me causing me to gasp. My legs spread open, giving him more access without me even realizing it. Slowly he added another finger and another. Three skilled fingers were inside me, pumping in and out. I was so wet I could feel him sliding around. He would twist slightly right before pulling out again, making me moan loudly every time. I couldn’t stop moaning, it was almost embarrassing.

He didn’t seem to mind, in fact every sound I would make he would make one in response. He moved himself slightly, putting one of his hands on my side as the other continued to pump inside me. His thumb grazed my clit as he moved and I gasped. It felt amazing.

He took notice of my reaction and his thumb began circling my clit, putting just enough pressure. I couldn’t keep my eyes open, they kept drifting close as I was wrapped in sensations.

I felt his fingers bend slightly, hitting that spot, as he pulled them in and out. My body tensed, I was so close. He moved his fingers faster, harder. I almost screamed as I felt something flick against my clit and realized it was his tongue. Hot and wet, he pressed it against me. I could feel my muscles tighten as I fell over the edge. His tongue dancing around my clit as his fingers exploring every spot inside me. I felt dizzy as my body convulsed against his hands. I couldn’t focus on anything. My hands grabbed the bedding below me, my legs opened even further allowing him to do anything he wanted.

Before I could even come down fully from my orgasm I felt him pull his fingers out and lick me once more. A soft gasp escaped my lips. I couldn’t open my eyes, they were too heavy. I heard him get off the bed and the sound of a zipper let me know he was getting undressed. I tried to pull my dress down but my body was numb. I got it down over my boobs before giving up and putting all my effort into opening my eyes.

I was so glad I did.

He was standing next to the bed, completely naked. His body was gorgeous. He was toned and fit, there was a small happy trail leading down to his dick. I heard myself moan as my eyes got lower. His dick was huge. It would be the largest thing to ever be inside me and I was slightly nervous about that. My mind was too content from my orgasm though to care very much.

“I need you.” He whispered as he pulled my dress down my body. “You’re stunning.”

I felt a blush creep up my neck and onto my cheeks. He smiled at me as he climbed onto the bed and sat between my legs. My eyes kept drifting closed but I wanted them to stay open. I heard him tear open a foil packet and forced them open once again to watch him roll the condom down. It looked so sensual, so hot.

“Are you ready, baby?” His voice was coated with lust. I wanted him, that was obvious as I laid there spreading my legs for him completely naked. The fact that he called me baby made me melt. Who cares if it’s a one night stand? I’ve already had an insane orgasm and he called me baby.

“Yes.” As I speak he grabs his dick and begins to drag it back and forth against my wet center. His eyes close as he moves up and down. I moan spreading my legs further. I wanted him inside me, more than anything. His eyes reach mine and I see the lust within them. I feel him hold the head of his dick against my entrance and I hold my breath.

“Relax baby.” He whispers. Baby. He can feel how tense I am. I take a deep breath and nod to him. He slowly begins sliding himself inside of me as he lays his body against mine. It’s a tortuous pace, slow and steady, stretching me further with every inch. When his hips press into mine I feel full. He’s hitting every single place inside me that is possible. I reach my hands up and twist them into his hair, pulling him closer to me. His lips crush against mine. They are soft and warm as he takes my top lip into his mouth and sucks gently. Our lips push and slide against each other as my tongue pokes out and licks his bottom lip. He groans and pulls himself out of me, sliding back in hard. I kiss him harder, grazing my teeth on his lips.

He thrusts into me over and over again. His hips hitting mine at the end of thrust. I wrap my legs around him to try and pull him as close as I can.

“I want you on top.” He moans into my mouth as I continue to kiss him. “I want to see you fuck me.”

I feel him fall to the side and grab my waist to keep us connected. I hug myself close to him as he moves to lay on his back. He moves his hands down towards my hips and I pull back slightly to see his face. Those emerald eyes are dark and full of want. Placing my hands beside his head I start to move, lifting myself up and pushing back down on him.

I love feeling his hands against me, helping me fuck him. The growls and swears that fall from his lips urge me to continue, to go harder and faster. In his position I feel the friction against my clit. As I feel myself getting closer to the edge again he takes over.

His hands dig into my hips as our bodies come together over and over again. I fall against his body unable to hold myself up as he fucks me. His hips lift off the bed as his hands drive mine down.

“Kiss me, Bella.” I hear him whisper and I bring my lips to his. It’s rough and messy and perfect. Our lips glide together as our tongues slide out to taste each other.

I can’t resist it any longer and I feel my body tense up, tingles spreading throughout. I hear myself screaming out his name along with fuck and keep going andharder. He obeys my every word. I can’t seem to stop as he pounds into me one last time and I feel his dick twitch inside me with his release.

My name falls from his lips as he moves his hands to my hair and pulls my face to his, kissing me. As we both lay there he doesn’t stop kissing me, even as I feel him get soft inside me. I don’t want to move. I don’t want to ruin this moment with words. I just want to keep kissing him and he seems to want the same.

The kisses went from rough and desperate to soft and caring. His hands are intertwined into my hair, pulling lightly, keeping me close. Mine are now twisted into his, as I try to memorize how his body feels against mine.

I feel him pull away from me to breathe and I do the same.

“So you aren’t very shy in bed now are you?” His voice is playful. I giggle because I don’t know how what to say to that. Not with him apparently. “If I asked you to do this again would you say yes?”

A/N; Thank you Corinnakt & NJSilla


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