Don’t You Remember Ch 11 TEASER

“I went to see Jacob yesterday.” His voice was so small and muffled behind his hand I didn’t know if I had heard right.

Did I hear that correctly? He went to see Jacob?

No. No. No. No.

“What!” Green eyes moved to mine, silently telling me I had heard correctly. I felt the anger rise within me, my stomach immediately feeling sick.

He went to see him. Out of all people. Jacob.

“I had to.” His voice was small and low, his eyes now on the floor.

“What! Why!?” I stood up and backed away from him as quickly as my legs would take me. How could he not see how much of a betrayal that was to me? Jacob had killed my mom and he was visiting him? What was he thinking?

“Isabella, please.” He pulled his hand through his hair, his eyes coming up to meet mine. “Just let me explain.”

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